The First Ten Minutes

3Have you noticed when you watch a movie, the first few minutes, usually less than ten minutes, are filled with action? That’s because movie producers have discovered moviegoers have to be “hooked” in that period of time or they walk out! Just a few minutes!

Some movies even run the credits over the initial action, so they don’t waste your time with, well, no action! I even saw a movie recently that ran all the credits at the end of the movie – none up front. That got my attention right away.

The same principle is true for a book – the first chapter is usually an eye catcher! The main character is introduced in some meaningful way so you want to read the rest of the book.

Now hang in there while I do some math. Ten minutes out of a 2-hour movie is about 8.3% of the total movie time. If we use that same percentage for a 90-minute movie, that “hook” action only lasts 7 ½ minutes. Not a lot of time to make an impression.

Now how do we apply that principle – make

Four Tips To Maximize Your Job Opportunities

2Hunting for job opportunities is both a stressful and exhausting experience. It can also be quite discouraging, depending on your skill set and the market. No matter what you do, where you live, or who is hiring, there are some basic strategies and tips that can help make the search a little bit easier. Here are four tips for finding new job opportunities.

Take Your Time With The Application

While this may seem like basic advice, it is very important. Many people are so caught up in applying for work, that they will send out nearly the same cover letter to different companies. Even if you change the wording to apply to that specific opening, recruiters can easily see when a cover letter has been recycled. Make sure that each application, and/or cover letter, is filled out with the current position in mind.

Use Social Media

Many people might feel a little odd about broadcasting their desire for employment to all of their friends and family. Don’t be. You should use social media to your advantage, and do so shamelessly. Your aunt may know that her attorney is

The Best Sites to Find Engineering Jobs for New Graduates

1Graduating from college is one of the most exciting times in a young adult’s life, and rightfully so. It marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. The only problem is that the excitement is usually short-lived because the reality of finding employment starts to set in rather quickly. Fear not. Your search for an opportunity to show off your newly acquired skill set isn’t out of reach at all, provided that you know where to look. Here are some of the best sites to find engineering jobs for new graduates, like you.

#1: Specialized Recruiting Sites

Don’t face your job search alone. A surprising treasure trove for information about potential opportunities is recruiting sites. Recruiting sites have everything you could possibly need and more when it comes to looking for employment – and not just any employment, but likely the best possible fit around. With the help of things like personality tests, one-on-one interview coaching, and skill assessments, you stand to benefit tremendously from working with a specialized recruiting site that knows all the ins and outs of the field,

Hiring the Best and Most Appropriate Candidate for Your Company

Being the HR manager for your organization, you already know how tough it is to bring aboard the best and most appropriate candidate in your company. You already got the resume of your prospective employee, but then what’s the big deal – every person today frames a professional resume and every shortlisted candidate gives his or her best to win the employer’s heart in interview. Therefore, it can be more challenging than one can presume to get the guy you actually want.

Why you need only the best and most appropriate candidate?

Well, you might be working for a company that has probably the most outstanding services or products highly in demand. However, businesses are run and managed by people and to ascertain that the show goes on profitably, organizations need apt people!

Studies show that a lot of clients or customers prefer the products or services of certain companies just because they are cordially treated, sensibly handled and personally looked into by the people working there. So it is in case of sales teams, accounts people and even HR team members! That very much explains why you need only the most adequate personnel for the organization.

How to makes sure you get the

How To Survive the Job Search Marathon

Have you left the job you really hated to look for something more fulfilling, or planning to do so in the nearest future? There are three key things you need to aware of if you want to transition through this period painlessly.

1. Frustration is inevitable.

Let’s face it – a job search is not the most exciting way to pass one’s time. Even if you completely hated your previous job, after the first few weeks euphoria will pass and you may discover that freedom is not as attractive as you had depicted it to be.

Your real challenge will start after you’re done with “enjoying the beautiful weather” and have caught up with all the friends you planned at least twice. Life may start feeling meaningless, especially if you aren’t quite sure about what you want, and just know what you don’t want to (stay in the job you hate!).

Be prepared that your days will consist of endless follow up emails and calls accompanied by a blunt mixture of fear and frustration. You may stop picking up your friends’ calls because you’ll dread the question that will be asked – so, how is the job search?

What to do about it:

Create some structure

our Ways an Employment Services Agency Can Help You Find a Job

You want someone to understand your expertise, but you believe you weren’t asked the right questions in your interviews. You have the skills, but you don’t get hired. You can’t even land a temporary position.

If any of the above sounds familiar, then an employment services agency is what you need.

Employment assistance firms are growing rapidly these days, and not without reason. They serve as a medium to connect employees with employers. Here are four reasons why you should register with one.

Your reputation leads to their reputation

These agencies will automatically get a negative review if a job applicant looks unprepared, so it’s in their best interest to provide you with the necessary coaching. They will also improve your resume and provide you with tips and hints to crack interviews and tests. They will help to match your needs and skills with that of the employer.

Salary issues? No way

Their aim is to satisfy both sides – the employee and the employer. They will make sure you get the desired pay in the desired manner without creating a conflict with the hiring company. In the event you face any problems concerning pay, any queries related to salary, commissions, etc., will be resolved by

Put Technology To Work For You

If you think about it, you have “employees” of your own. You pay them to do things for you – find information on what concerns you, keep track of data you need to access again, and anything else you do not want to do yourself. Do you get what I am talking about yet? Some of your employees are paid when you get the bill from the phone company and your internet provider. Others are paid when you get your electric bill. Some are actually people who provide a service you appreciate. I am sure you have caught on by now!

Technology can be an excellent employee, if used correctly. How much easier is life when your smartphone works? How much harder is it when you can’t figure it out? If you do not have a smartphone, substitute “computer” or “remote control” or whatever technology you use.

One problem with this employee of yours is that technology changes over time. Your comfortable way of doing things gets out of sync with the way the rest of your world is moving and you miss out on important details. Also, we all know that we can be a little too reliant on technology for

Top Seven Tips for Newbies on Freelance Job Websites

It can be such a daunting experience when it is one’s first time on a freelance job website. Signing up is usually simple and one is good to start searching for job opportunities in a few minutes. However, just a look at other freelancers’ profiles can be discouraging because most of them have already won a lot of bids. There seems to be little chance for a newbie to ever get a job on these sites because he/she does not even have a review to show off.

Do not be discouraged by the number of contracts missed, but believe that you will be victorious. The secret is to stick your head out there and be the best. Based on my experience with a number of freelance job websites, I thought someone out there may find it helpful to get a few tips on how to gain leverage over the hundreds and thousands of job seekers. Below are seven of my personal tips:

1. Gain knowledge about the Job site

  • Read as much information that is available on the website to be more knowledgeable.
  • Conduct more searches outside the site to read what others are saying about it.
  • This independent search will help prove to a

The Difference Between Technical and Traditional Staffing Agencies

During a tough economy, it is difficult to find traditional employment. More employers are using outside resources and contract workers in order to find the right fit for their workforce. Choosing which staffing agencies you should apply to can be quite difficult, especially if you are a skilled technical worker.

What Are Traditional Staffing Agencies?

With most locations, you can fill out some of the paperwork online. However, almost all will have a physical location for you to visit. When you go to a traditional agency, you will undergo a career assessment to determine whether you qualify for any of the jobs they may have. You should bring all work-related documentation with you. You will speak to an assessor about the jobs they have available and fill out an application that will match you with potential work.

The thing that differentiates traditional staffing agencies from specialized ones is the types of jobs they represent. These locations have a variety of clients to whom they provide industrial, clerical, and even janitorial services. Some do have a few specialized clients, but generally they are a catch all for entry-level positions that require little or no college education. However, they are a good place to start

Solve Problems Before Being Hired

What is the purpose of a job?

It depends on the context:

For employees: earn money, financial security, fulfillment, the need for contribution, connection etc.

For employers: they need solutions to everyday problems and responsibilities, need to keep their business moving, serve clients

Overall, you want the money and the employer wants solutions to problems. This means if you prove yourself to the prospect company that you are qualified to solve their problems and responsibilities from a certain field, department, you will get the job. So, what is the best way to prove this?

The answer is very obvious and also overlooked: by offering an idea to solve one of their problems. This is how your skills become tangible and valuable assets for the prospect employer. If you just write them on a piece of paper (your resume), your skills become abstract terms.

Let me give a personal example. I went to a company to tell them that I noticed a problem that their clients had and to tell them my idea how to solve it. It took me about 5 minutes to explain the problem that I saw and also the solution for it. After I finished talking, the manager offered me a job

What Makes a Good Job?

Many people are searching for a job that they can truly enjoy and feel good about doing. But what goes into making a “good job?” What criteria can a person use to determine whether a job will be personally satisfying as well as something that will help them pay the bills? It turns out that there are three criteria that all good jobs must have to be both personally rewarding and sustainable financially.

1. Is it something you enjoy doing?

The first criterion is that the job must be something that you really enjoy doing. There are so many different types of jobs out there and there is no doubt that there is something for everyone. Think about what you like to do for fun. For your work to be truly satisfying it should be something you enjoy doing, whether you are getting paid for it or not. Of course getting paid is nice too but this cannot be the only motivation for something you want to do for work. A good job should be something personally meaningful to you that you will be happy doing day in and day out.

2. Is it something that you are good at?

Consider what your skills

High Paying Jobs in the USA

A career in Anesthesiology, begins with choosing the right certifying degree or program from a reputed school which will ensure you get selected for the best jobs in the best hospital facilities. However, which Certified Course in the USA, from amongst hundreds will give you excellent education and experience (internship) to be the best anaesthetist?

Now that’s one BIG problem to solve.

However fear not. We have compiled a list of the TOP 10 Anesthesiologist Certified Degrees, which is updated frequently, so it always displays the leading courses and programs. Some of the leading schools offering degrees, classes, courses, programs and certifications for specialized Anesthesia like Dental, Neuroanesthesia, Paediatric Anesthesia, Plastic Surgery Anesthesia, CRNA Locum, Eye-Bulbar Anesthesiology etc. are:

  • GradSchool.Com
  • Rutgers School of Nursing
  • Duke University School of Nursing
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • South University, Savannah
  • Penn Nursing Science University of Pennsylvania
  • Boston College
  • Drexel University College of Nursing and Health Professions
  • Johns Hopkins School Of Medicine
  • Stanford University Medicine Cardiovascular & Thoracic Anesthesia

Now that you’ve earned your coveted degree, after much hard work and sweat, you need to begin the search for your dream job as an anaesthetist. You need to apply to/ contact the leading Anesthesiologist Recruitment Agencies in N. America. There are several Anesthesiologist Staffing Agencies in the USA. However,

Discovering the Hidden Opportunities of the Unpublished Job Market

In order to better understand the unpublished job market, let’s take a minute to review first the more traditional published job market in order to better understand the difference between both.

The published job marketplace is where we usually go for available published opportunities, you know, the newspapers ads, Job Banks, Staffing or recruiting agencies postings and Job Fairs.

But did you know that the published jobs only represent about 30% of all available jobs at any given time? Some experts in the field even claims that this job marketplace represents only about 10% of all available jobs.

So the logical question is, where are the rest of the available jobs?

The Unpublished Job Market

The unpublished job market, also known as the hidden jobs market, is where job openings are filled without being advertised, or at least, not in the way we are used to as will see in a moment.

The unpublished job marketplace represents about 70% of available jobs at any given time. But there’s more; 85% of the six-figure salary positions are filled via this unpublished jobs market. That means that the executive job listing we see in high end publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s or The Financial Times,

Avoid These Outdated Job Hunting Strategies!

Searching for a new job is much different now than it was just a few years ago. Applicants must make themselves stand apart from other applicants without making themselves look odd or aggressive. To do this effectively, many job seekers need to change some of their “old school” job seeking habits and approach job seeking in a new manner. By changing some of your methods, you may find that landing the perfect new job has become quite simple.

Follow Application Instructions

Many employers have devised specific routines for accepting applications. They most likely want the applications sent online with your resume attached. They may also give specific information about how to check the status of your application. Many people believe that this is done to make interviewing less personal. However, many companies are doing it this way to see if you can follow simple instructions. Follow all the instructions on their application and their follow up instructions. If the company wants you to check the status online, do not call their HR department. It is a sure way to be overlooked.

Update Your Resume to Current Standards

You need to update your resume so that they are easy to scan and have what the

Now Might Be The Time To Ask

Did you have a seasonal job over the holidays? Did you love that job and wish it could last longer or be a “forever job”? Now might be the time to ask if there are any openings in a full- or part-time position. Here’s why:

– You have been a part of the team as a temp worker, so you know the ropes
– You are a familiar face – hopefully, a good impression has been made and they want you to stay, if possible.
– You can suggest ways your assets can be a good fit for their goals because you know their goals
– Your paperwork is already on file, which makes it easier for them to hire you instead of hiring someone from the outside

Even if they do not have a way to fit you in right now, you never know what the future has in store for them or for yourself. This is the time to ask that your resume be kept on file and that you be alerted to openings in the future. If there is a way to stay in touch with what is happening at the company – like a newsletter – get on

Your Job Search Requires a Dose of Perseverance

Searching for a job can be painful, unsettling and fatiguing. We’ve all been through it at least once during our careers. When the pressures mounts, you can be tough on yourself – damaging your morale and self-confidence.

Many people want to work, but unfortunately the job search can take longer than expected, requiring some to pound the pavement for many months and even years. And yet, people eventually do find employment and their success is based in-part on persevering throughout multiple phases of the job search. How you approach your search has a direct effect on your success in landing a satisfactory position.

How do you overcome adversity and persevere during a protracted job search? Here are a few helpful tips:

Overcome your fear

Fear can be a detractor, but also a powerful motivator. Consider the consequences of not extending yourself well above and beyond during your search. For example, a diversity of new technologies have emerged in recent years to facilitate your job hunt. Learning about these technologies can be a daunting and intimidating experience. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to learn what LinkedIn and are all about.

Expect to hear “no”

Clearly, this does not simply imply

How to Find Translation Jobs Online

A lot of people and a lot of companies are always looking for translators. If you know where to look, you can find a lot of translation jobs online. Let me tell you three places you can look for these jobs online.

Translator Sites

Translator sites are sites providing services just for translators, translating agencies, and others looking for translators. These sites give community support to you as a translator. You can get translation help with difficult phrases and you can find work through these sites as well. Here are two translator sites that are worth checking out:


These sites are worth joining even if you don’t find work through these sites as they provide you with valuable translation support, help, and services. The site does offer a paid subscription to access special parts of the site.

Freelance Sites

Some translators work for several different companies and/or individuals. These translators work as independent contractors or freelancers. They are essentially running their own translation business. As freelancers and independent contractors, they can open up accounts on freelance sites such as and look for translation jobs there. I just recently searched for translation jobs and I personally found quite a few. Here are some

The Top Five Benefits of Contract Jobs

In this day and age, job changes are not only frequent, but they are also the norm. In some industries, layoffs are predictable. Gone are the days where you could start a career with one company and work until retirement. In order to bridge the gaps in your employment, you may choose to work at contract jobs. Here are five good reasons you should try this route.

Building Work Experience

One of the best things about contract jobs is the experience you gain. For the new graduate, it allows you to gain on the job knowledge that many businesses look for in their permanent employees. Those who have been in the industry for a while can help you build new skills and a varied resume. This shows human resource managers that you are adaptive, proactive, and flexible. You also gain the added benefit of getting a better feel for what type of organization or work you do best.

New Connections

During your tenure at a temporary position, you will meet and interact with new people. This helps you to build a professional network, which helps you to stay current in your chosen field. You can also gain advice from trusted sources that helps to

6 Steps to Job Search Using Your Networking Contact List

When you are looking for a job, apart from checking the ads in newspapers and specialized job search engines on the internet, you should also ask for information from the people on your network’s contact list.

Your personal contacts can provide you with current information on the company and position vacancies that are not posted in the regular job marketplace. Sometimes, when they do not provide information about the job opening you are looking for, your contacts may be able to refer you to someone else who might be able to provide the information you are looking for about the industry, company or position of interest.

This is an example of what networking is. Networking is when you start reaching out to your list of contacts to get needed information or referrals from your friends’ network of contacts. Many people are repelled by the thought of networking. Some critics of networking believe that is not a reliable as a source of information about industry, companies or job openings. Others say it is easier to keep on with the traditional job market ads than to rely on network of contacts to get the information we need as part of our job hunting efforts.


When Is a Status Symbol an Investment Tool

People judge on appearances. It would be nice if they did not, but the reality is that they do. That’s why the way your resume looks on the page is an important factor of resume writing. It’s one thing we look for when asked to critique a resume. You could have all the facts written accurately and still be rejected because the reader is looking for something you are blind to.

A little while ago, a blog post about the logic of stupid poor people popped up in different areas of the internet. Author Tressie M. Cottom makes some valid points in it about the reasons someone would spend a lot of money on an item of clothing or an accessory, and it isn’t to feel good – it is to make themselves acceptable and “gain access to a limited set of rewards granted upon group membership.” In many cases, this goal is a job that will improve their lives and the lives of their family. She says it isn’t that poor people are stupid. Rather, it is that they are blind to the nuances in wardrobe selection signalling you fit into the club. To get in, you have to be